Agni Estates – Marking End to Your Search for Building Construction


If you’re eyeing on constructing a new home, or to remodel the one you currently have, then this is for you. Take a look at various aspects you ought to check before you pick your building constructor.

As a renowned builder, one would get you a minimum of one year warranty encompassing the possible defects you may face in your newly constructed home. Being in-line with the qualities of a flawless building constructor, Agni Estates, pioneers in the industry gets you promising services and one year warranty for all its projects.

Looking at the previous projects of Agni Estates and you’ll know how impeccable our works are. Intending to give you the best of all designs, we put our best efforts and extract the topnotch style and structure in our constructions. Comprehending with each of the customized features you request, our designs are polished up and well honed for producing a perfect blend of immaculate structure and contemporary style.

By keeping our client updated with step by step progress of building construction, we keep you jelled with despite your absence on the spot. We indeed keep our pricing subtle, making your new home desires falling within your budget.

Our features doesn’t end with it, we leave no stone upturned in getting you the best service. We’re all equipped to get you housing loan from trusted banks.

Having got ourselves licensed from the government, we stand complying with each of the government’s rules and regulations. All our subcontractors are insured and they in turn have legal employees holding rich experience in the field works.

All the work processes are scheduled in a streamlined fashion and allows the client stay aware of the progress of the project. We stick on to the schedule fixed and hand over the final project on-time as planned.

Above all, we keep the site routinely supervised and are ardent about keeping things on track right from the beginning till end.

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