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A thorough preparation is the first step while applying for a Home Loan

Questions an applicant must be able to answer right

AGNI Estates projects are approved by most leading lending institutions. However, to avail a home loan the applicant must first have the right answers to the questions listed below. Needless to say, the thoroughness of an applicant's preparation will determine whether he/she has all the right answers with regard to availing a home loan. This is not rocket science, and only requires application of commonsense and a detail-oriented approach.

The information this page carries is only a reflection of the AGNI Estate motto we are all about clients® and is not binding in any way, because requirements vary from one lending institution to the other.

Have I got all the information with regard to the lending institution's application process?

I am ready because I have discussed the process in detail with the lending institution's representative.

Do I fulfill the lending institution's eligibility criteria for home loan applicants?

My residential and earning status meet the RBI guidelines for home loan applicants.

Have I got all the supporting documents that need to be attached with the application?

I have got all the documents ready as per the checklist of documents provided by the lending institution (this should include documents pertaining to co-applicants, if any).

Have I requested for a lending institution representative to guide me through the actual process of filling out the home loan application form?

Yes, I have.

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