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Team AGNI-seamlessly combined

AGNI Estates' team of accomplished and committed professionals represents various specialized disciplines. They combine seamlessly to ensure that every homebuyer receives the benefit of the organization's AAC code in letter and spirit. While members, in their individual capacities, bring unique strengths to the table, they remain ever conscious of their obligation to operate as a unified entity to make sure the organization continues to deliver on its claim "we are all about clients®."

  • R. N. Jayaprakash

  • Bhavani Jayaprakash

  • Agnishwar Jayaprakash

  • T. G. Balaji

  • V. Sanal Kumar

    Head - Finance & Accounts
  • M. Samiappan

    GM - Admin
  • Prakash Mohanasundaram

    GM - Sales & Marketing
  • S. Dhilip Kumar

  • N.Chandrasekar

    AGM - Projects
  • S.Santhosh Kumar

    AGM - Business Development
  • Veeraputhran

    Chief Engineer
  • S. Rajesh

    Manager - Sales
  • M. Nirmal Kumar

    Manager - Sales

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