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There is no aspect of home building that AGNI Estates' motto we are all about clients® does not embrace, and the motto holds true when it comes to framing of policies related to joint venture projects. Joint venture participants, like all AGNI Estates home buyers, will find their decision to partner with the organization beneficial from the investment standpoint. What makes this outcome a certainty is AGNI Estates' proficiency as a builder, with depth of both knowledge and experience. AGNI Estates stands out in a crowded marketplace as a reputed builder with a 4, 20,000 Sq ft portfolio, spread across contemporarily designed space, comprising residential complexes, independent and semi-independent houses, and commercial buildings housing corporate offices and stores. As part of the current plans to scale up its construction portfolio to 5,00,000 Sq ft, AGNI Estates welcomes property owners as joint venture partners in a mutually rewarding association.

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