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Consolidate your NRI privilege with AGNI Estates

The reasons why your NRI privilege is consolidated when you buy a property from AGNI Estates are several. The overriding reason is AGNI Estates' whole-hearted commitment to construction and service excellence exemplified through its approach, we are all about clients®. This approach has led to the development of the *AAC Code of Conduct that comprises the following:

Consider too that, in terms of yield, investing in an AGNI Estates property is not just acquiring a finely crafted piece of property, but also a property with a high ROI potential in terms of asset appreciation.

Reap the benefits of AGNI Estates' attention to detail

AGNI Estates believes that a project's location is fundamental to its viability and a thorough evaluation of locations across select parameters, including potential for value appreciation, is the first step in its set of best practices. Thus, all project locations are based on meticulous choice vis-a-vis the needs and aspirations of home buyers.

Project plans follow location selection. Reputed architects and engineers work in close association to develop project plans that cover all the needs of modern-day living and contemporary lifestyle. From fully-loaded amenities to incorporating security and safety measures, they draw up resplendent project plans that are sure to capture the imagination of every home buyer.

The emphasis is on packing value into your investment - be it location, amenities, connectivity, security, social infrastructure, or competitive pricing, optimum UDS, and carpet area efficiency.

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